Stream tubes Maoe has borrowed a cream because his son Keita dry skin and itchy. "When I saw that child somehow I got itchy again." After a while, Mahara himself became itchy her crotch. Keita was not there when I went to Keita 's room to get the cream back, but Mako finding the cream I lent out and painting in my groin. Then, as the crotch burns for some reason it starts to burn麻妃は息子・圭太が肌が乾燥してかゆいというのでクリームを貸してあげた。「あの子のこと見てたらなんだか私もかゆくなってきちゃった」しばらくして今度は麻妃自身も股間がかゆくなってしまう。クリームを返してもらいに圭太の部屋へ行くと圭太は居なかったが貸してあげたクリームを見つけ股間に塗りこむ麻妃。するとなぜだか股間が燃えるように火照りはじめ