Maybe I can give a child if I accumulate deep sperm .... Tomoya who is spending a crowd with her forced abstinence to enforce her pregnancy has reached the limits of patience .... It was not even possible to masturbate even with sexual intercourse or even masturbation. After about three weeks, my mother-in-law, Rei saw Tomoya who was abstinent, and came up with a certain plan .... もしかしたら溜め込んだ濃い精子なら子供を授かるかもしれない…。妊活に励むため禁欲生活を強いられてしまい、悶々と過ごす智也は我慢の限界に達していた…。性交はおろか自慰すらも出来ず3週間過ぎた頃、義理の母・玲は禁欲している智也を見て、ある企みを思いつく…。