Luna secretly enjoyed his affair with his son. But I feel frustrated by my husband's guilt and trying to end the relationship once, but my son's sexual desire to escalate every day. Luna gradually becomes unable to be without the son's stick. "I want a son ..." Despair is rapid, as soon as my husband went out, I asked each other intensely. ルナは息子との情事を密かに楽しんでいた。しかし夫からの罪悪感に苛まれ、一度は関係を終わらせようとするのだが、息子の性欲は日毎にエスカレートするばかり。次第にルナも息子の肉棒なしではいられない状態になってしまう。「息子が欲しい…」欲望がはやるあまり、夫が出かけて行くのを見送った直後、お互い激しく求め合うのだった…。