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Battle of I married my young wife who is young and amiable a few years ago. It should have been sailing smoothly. I did not understand when I was going out, but my wife is rough and spending money, recently I am contempting me. Naturally, there is no life at night. There was no whereabouts when I came home, I was worried about what to do in the future. In such a case, the work place that I received by chance was a former wife's house. With my ex-wife in front of me, I obediently apologized at that time. Minako who went away as I could not become an adult. When I finished work I remembered when Minako was a couple. As if I was attracted like a magnet, I love you many times over and over. I stared at Minako with a serious mage. I stuck to Minako Tsuneki at the woman smell drizzling more than that time. Try Minako's body and attack the place she liked. I hated it and tried to escape, but as I reacted sensitively as before, I got excited without hopelessness. And if I insert it midway, I accepted me smoothly and suluri as if I had been waiting till now ....