Mochizuki Risa with a serious and adorable personality in serious and dedicated personality. Opinions that there are many preeminent "backs are good!" With a cheering postcard for her arriving from the user. Despite a small body, everyone gets a healthy butt in a prpl! In order to enjoy such a butt, this time 4SEX which shot her pita bread figure for 4 days was recorded! Really is still a butt!小柄で愛らしく仕事にも真面目でひたむきな性格の望月りさ。ユーザー様から届く彼女への応援ハガキで抜群に多い「お尻が良い!」というご意見。小柄な身体にも関わらずプリップリで健康的なお尻は誰もがグッとくる!そんなお尻を堪能する為今回はピタパン姿の彼女を4日間に渡り撮影した4SEXを収録!本当にえっちなお尻です!