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Four female employees who are appointed as moderators of company briefings for job hunting students challenge the business execution while being scolded Oma ○ co by a man hidden under the desk! Aim to look seriously and listen to the words of female employees while making sure that they are not part-time job students, but they are inserted into hand toys, toys and even Ji ○ port, and a large number of gachiiki large splash

就活生を対象に行われる会社説明会の司会進行役に任命された女子社員4名が、机の下に隠れた男にこっそりオマ○コを弄られながらの業務遂行に挑む! 真剣な眼差しを向け、女子社員の言葉に耳を傾ける就活生にバレないようにしつつも、手マンにオモチャ、さらにはチ○ポまで挿入され、悶絶ガチイキ大スプラッシュを連発