A real first shot taken by a rookie actress of each label, such as genuine married wife of SOD / youth age / Kimi Hore, before AV debut. Honey female Smile is very cute Mr. Yui is a mother of a baby. It is a really beautiful and gentle dreamlike woman who imagines if his mother was Yui .... From the loneliness that I can not meet a husband who is just a single assignment to the first unfaithful.SODの本物人妻/青春時代/キミホレなど、各レーベルの新人女優がAVデビュー前に撮影した本当の初撮り作品。ハニカミ笑顔がとっても可愛い結衣さんは一児のママ。自分の母親が結衣さんだったら…と想像してしまうほど本当に美しく、そして優しい夢のような女性です。単身赴任中の旦那に会えない寂しさから初不貞へ。