Speak to a boy who graduates from school this spring, two people clearly in the Magic Mirror to tell her, "Do not tell your favorite teacher of your admiration?", Serious feelings! Listening to the serious confession of the students, I forgot the occupation called teacher unintentionally, and became friends with adults who crossed the line with boys!今春、学校を卒業する男子生徒に「憧れの大好きな先生に想いを伝えませんか?」と声をかけ、真剣な気持ちを伝えるため、マジックミラー号で2人っきりに!撮影されているとは全く気付かず、生徒の真剣な告白を聞き、思わず教師と言う職業を忘れ、男子生徒と一線を越えた大人の仲になってくれました!