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今年で20歳A girl who will be 20 years old this year came to shirout TV! ! It is Rina who goes to a vocational school of beauty system ♪ It is a girl with a lovely and clean atmosphere that suits you well ♪ She seems to be learning hair cuts and makeup at school, and the future wants to proceed to that way ♪ On the day off, go out for lunch and shopping with girls friends ♪ In addition, it is a beautiful rear girl with a handsome boyfriend! Every day is fun and it can not be helped! Why did she participate in AV shoot? "I was scouted in town and thinking I should try!" This is also a positive answer! She was actually quite a metamorphosis looking like this ♪ In school days, it is often after school and out of the self-learning classroom, run into the school's toilet as it is, often to make it sexier SEX! As long as your opponent's boyfriend is enviously enviable w As a doll like a doll's eye clearer, the body is good and fleshy. A big swelling D cup tits and a beautiful dandelion pulling threads in a lazy ice. The erogenous zone is "I do not understand because there are too many w" ♪ The appearance is neat! The contents are pervert! I can not miss the first shot that such Rina-chan will be playing! ! Ah! Of course, shooting for today is nisea for him


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