Because the manager's father was hospitalized, Akigo, the eldest son of the eldest son, acted as the manager of the manager, and the second son of the student, Haruta, increased the shift and broke up with a brother for a while. However, Haruta hands out female customers to cause trouble, or she was busy getting into a busy african girlfriend came to an interview in a rainy scene and everything goes on everyday ...? !店長の父が入院したため、家族経営のコンビニを長男の秋吾が店長代理となり、学生の次男・春太もシフトを増やし、しばらくは兄弟で切り盛りすることに…。ところが春太は女性客に手を出してトラブルを起こしたり、忙しくておざなりにしていた秋吾の彼女がまさかのバイトの面接に来たりと毎日ドタバタが絶えなくて…?!