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Sadistic village style magic mirror rushed into 10th work as well thanks! 'In order to invite you to a hard-boiled world of' We (Ruby: Sadievire) 'that makes amateur daughter surely squirting and blowing the tide, it is celebrated as a collection of works that introduced all the works so far without oversizing profits Five people are included in '3rd shoot down' of the 3rd series of the first work 'Machine Vibe'! Price is 2980 yen Oddama price!

 サディスティックヴィレッジ式マジックミラー号もおかげ様で10作品目に突入! ‘素人娘を必ずイカせて潮を吹かせる’俺たち(ルビ:サディヴィレ)のハードボイルドな世界にご招待する為に利益度外視でこれまでの全作品を余すこと無く紹介した作品集と記念すべき第一作‘マシンバイブ編’のシリーズ第3弾を‘完全撮り下ろし’で5名収録!お値段2980円のお年玉価格です!