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Yuuri-chan of doll face remains slurry and young on long limbs. With a little voice that seems to miss being heard, "she feels good ..." she is muttering, she is sweet as she wears her hands on her bed. It may be true that she is as calm as she is.

公開日 2019/01/01 動画 30分 画像 48枚 スラリと長い手足に幼さ残るドールフェイスのYuuriちゃん。聞き逃してしまいそうな小さな声で「気持ちいい…」と、呟く彼女と、ベッドの上で器用に腰を振りながら果てる彼女。おとなしそうな子ほどスケベというのは本当かもしれません。