It looks like a pretty girl I saw in the city, and I won't be a pick-up! The many defeats are offset by one victory! Choose the excuse for the girl from the vast history of war, and do not care about time or place. If you are alone, it's here! Holding the camera, turning around the body, firing Tokuno spermatozoon complete mission! Four hours that six beautiful girls who everyone hates are disturbed in disorder! !街中で見かけた美少女をなりふり構わずナンパゲット!幾度もの‘敗北’は一度の‘勝利’で相殺!膨大な戦歴の中からその娘にあった口説き文句を選択し、時間も場所もお構いなしでグイグイ押し切る!ふたりきりになってしまえばこっちのもの!カメラを構えて身体を弄り回し、特濃精子を発射してミッションコンプリート!誰もが羨む美少女6名が乱れに乱れる4時間!!