Asakusa dating a 23-year-old young lady "Yuri-chan" with a black-haired easy route! She met at a drinking party and appeared to have no boyfriend for a year and looked forward to today's date! After having a full stomach with BBQ, go straight to the inn with her who is sweet! In spite of the fact that it was Alright, it was a small humiliating when we were alone. On the off chance that you're feeling great with a great rub, you don't need to be touched! The pants are as of now intoxicated after you rub the beauty big breasts over the dress! On the off chance that you make a savage cylinder at the window so that you just can see from the exterior, you gasp with shaking the wonderful butt! It would be ideal if you appreciate a day with a wonderful young lady who is inquisitive and needs to do anything cosplay or blindfold ♪黒髪のショートカットが似合う23歳の美少女『ユウリちゃん』と浅草デート!飲み会で出会った彼女は1年間彼氏がいないようで、今日のデートを楽しみにしていたらしい!BBQでお腹一杯になった後はノリが良い彼女とホテルに直行!あっさりOKしてくれたものの、2人きりになるとちょっと恥ずかしそうに…。得意のマッサージで気分を和らげてあげると、「触られるのは嫌じゃない♪」ってこちらの下心に満更でもない様子!服の上から美巨乳を揉みしだくとすでにパンツはびっしょり!外から見えるように窓際で猛ピストンすると、美尻をぷるぷる震わせて喘ぎまくる!興味津々で、コスプレも目隠しも何でもやりたがるドスケベ美少女との一日をご堪能ください♪