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The recession is now buyer's market, fresh off the warm pants. Dear friends, the word "underwear saleswoman" did you know? After wearing pants 3-is that girls outdo'm broke the 5000 yen. So I'm doing this easy for you is kawaii'm broke women's soles bytes. For "buy life take off your underwear" is a film written by SNS, especially the contributions of girls. Too beautiful bakery, Aya-Chan (estimated 20 years old). A little natural feeling that "I wonder if this can be negotiated. "And I was nervous, but not too bad beat Super girl feels so don't press..., this is bold and careful negotiations required. I'm nervous tension, take off pants check & students asking her. "I show? ~? "And reluctant also make cute underwear. But I'm pretty too many? And becoming anxious, students take off pants... still not sure, no dirt stains and smells