It is Mitsuki leaves of beauty maiden. This time, I will be drawing a model for male instruments on the subject of school, and he will be a model, but I have asked for me on the way and the task does not progress .... As I was worried about it, I asked him "Since my father will cooperate!" I asked for it .... The father who was naked at that time is over there in Bing.美大生のみつ葉です。今回、学校の課題で男性器のデッサンをすることになって彼にモデルになってもらうのですが、途中で私を求めてきて課題が進まなくて…。悩んでいると「そんなことたっだら、お父さんが協力してやろう!」と言ってくれたのでお願いしたのですが…。いざ全裸になったお父さんはあそこがビンビンで…。