A room in an flat. This room, where a hitched lady with a reasonable body and stout body lives, whether it's hot or casual, opens the window without closing the shades. It is completely futile. One day, when a neighbor casually looked into the window, his spouse was within the center of acting alone in an obscene way. Since that day, the man peeped into the another room, took a voyeur, and ...とあるマンションの一室。色白で豊満なボディの人妻が住んでいるこの部屋、暑いのか、無頓着なのか、普段からカーテンを閉めず窓全開。まったく不用心である。ある日、隣人が何気なくその窓を覗いてみると、なんと奥さんが淫らな姿でひとり行為をしている最中だった。その日以来、男は隣の部屋を覗き、盗撮し、そして…。