Yoshino Kikuchi appears at the client's client who is calm and indifferent. I can't believe that a calm housewife who seems to be in the neighborhood is Deriheru, but I'm doing my best to make him feel comfortable. He was excited to see young and energetic Ochinchin while leading him gently. While feeling with a sexy expression, she was swayed by energetic waist swinging. Finally, she was filled with rich sperm and enjoyed satisfying sex each other.落ち着いて淡々と若い一人暮らしの男の依頼主のところに現れた菊池よしのさん。近所にいそうな落ち着いた主婦がデリヘルだなんて信じられませんが、うぶな彼にいっぱい気持ちよくなってもらうべく頑張ってくれています。優しく彼をリードしながら、若くて元気なオチンチンを見て大興奮。色っぽい表情で感じながらエネルギッシュな腰振りに悶えまくり最後は、濃厚な精子をいっぱい中出しされて、お互い大満足のセックスを堪能するのでした。