Reika Hirose, who is seven months pregnant, came to massage today to relieve fatigue from her pregnancy. I had no choice but to throw out my body as I was told, but the masseuse's hand gradually became a racy place. For some reason, she blames her nipples, and while relaxing her crotch intensively, she tries to move her underwear down and kneads her clitoris. Seeing her unable to stand this and leaking a naughty voice, his attack escalates. Reika-san who cannot stand it added the teacher's meat stick, and the flow led them together. A large amount of sperm was cum- out, and it seems to have completely forgotten the stiff shoulder. Please also see the work of the past of poor young wife.妊娠7ヶ月に入った広瀬れいかさん、本日は妊娠生活の疲労をほぐすためにマッサージにやってきました。言われるがままに身体を投げ出すしかなかったのですが、マッサージ師の手はだんだん際どいところへ…。なぜか乳首をやたら責めたり、股間周りを集中的にほぐしながら下着をどかして、クリトリスをこねくり回し出します。これに耐えきれずエッチな声を漏らしてしまう彼女の様子を見て、彼の攻めはエスカレート。我慢できないれいかさんは先生の肉棒をパックリ加えて、その流れで二人は合体してしまったのです。大量の精子を中出しされて、肩こりのことなどすっかり忘れちゃったようです。 ※貧乏な若妻の過去の作品もご覧ください。