Ritsuko Ito, a young housewife with a full-time housewife, is sexless after having a child, and she seems to be losing her libido by watching AV once every three days. When you take off your clothes, you seem to have a beautiful body that you can't think of having ever given birth to two children. The beautifully maintained shaved panties are also dazzling and very sensitive to getting wet immediately after being touched. The other person's meat stick is inserted over there and I feel it seriously while panting with a weird voice. It's too much to keep such a beautiful person sexless.専業主婦の子持ち若妻「伊藤律子」さんは、子供ができてからセックスレスで、三日に一回のAV鑑賞で性欲を発散させてるそうですが、やはり男の体が恋しい様子。服を脱ぐととても子供を二人も出産した経験があるとは思えないほどの美しい体をお持ちのようで、美白で美乳のエッチな身体がたまりません。綺麗に手入れされたパイパンも眩しく、触られてすぐに濡れてしまってとっても敏感。パックリ開いたあそこに他人の肉棒を挿入されていやらしい声で喘ぎながら本気で感じちゃってます。こんな綺麗な人をセックスレスにしておくなんて、勿体なさすぎます。