F-cup busty fair-skinned married woman's body is tied up with a tortoise shell and trained on behalf of her husband. Akiko, a married woman who was confused at first but was excited to be tied up. Big breasts still shine in the tortoise shell binding! Restrain your limbs and have them become M-shaped spread legs, and as soon as you hit the toy on the pussy, it will be messy with naughty juice! If you move to the bed and put your fingers in, two fingers will fit easily! A wife who has awakened to the ultimate comfort, may not be excited by ordinary sex anymore.   Fカップ巨乳の色白のこのスケベな人妻のカラダを亀甲縛りにして、旦那に代わって調教。最初は戸惑いながらも、縛られるということで興奮してきた人妻明子さん。亀甲縛りはやはり巨乳が映えます!手足を拘束して、M字開脚になってもらいオマンコにおもちゃを当てるとすぐさまエッチなお汁でぐちょんぐちょんに!ベッドに移動して指を入れてみると簡単に指2本が収まっちゃいます!究極の気持ちよさに目覚めてしまった奥さん、もう普通のセックスじゃ興奮できないかもしれないですね。