preeminent style that even Japanese clothes look great, and the beautiful wife Kumiko Kikuchi is thoroughly trained! I screamed as I restrained my wrist and felt that various toys hit my tonko. The kimono looks even more erotic and looks erotic and invites excitement. Dedicate yourself to stimulating sex that you can't taste with ordinary sex, and occasionally see the beautiful wife's idiot who smiles and feels.   和服姿も様になるスタイル抜群、美人妻の菊池くみこさんをとことん調教!手首を拘束し、いろんな玩具をおまんこに当てると感じて叫びまくり。着物姿は更に色気が増してエロく見えて興奮誘います。普通のセックスでは味わえない刺激たっぷりのセックスに身を委ね、時折、笑みを浮かべて感じまくる美人妻の痴態をご覧下さい。