I want to see the mature woman as it is! Suppin planning that the shyness of no makeup tickles the man's heart again. This time, I asked Kaori Hanayama, a horny wife who plays a mature woman's pheromone, to become a suppin. Kaori-san, who says that only Suppin is a little bit ..., is pretty cute even if she removes her makeup. He said he had just had an etch with his husband 3 days ago, but it seemed that he had already accumulated so I blamed him a lot and at the end I put it inside.   熟女の素のまま、ありのままを見たい!ノーメイクの恥じらいがまた男心をくすぐる、スッピン企画。今回は熟女のフェロモン出しまくりのエッチな奥さん、花山香織さんにスッピンになってもらいました。スッピンだけはちょっと・・・と言いながら、メイクを落としても全然可愛い、というかまだまだ魅力的な香織さん。3日前に旦那とエッチをしたばかりというが、既にもう溜まっている様子だったので、いっぱい責めまくって最後はいっぱい中に出しちゃいました。