Three years ago I lost my husband in the accident and since then I have been exposed to mourning without the opportunity to touch a man, but I decided to appear in the AV at the milestone of the third time when I could not suppress sexual desire anymore Yui Ikehima. I'm cunnily over the stockings and I am excited and I'm gonna catch on to the flesh stick of a wishful man. Yui who feels guy in his whole body as though it releases sexuality which was held down for a long time when caressed directly after being undressed. I kept waving wavering intensely with my thoughts on my husband, and I felt love in my body The last thing is a state of satisfaction by having many taken out. The second life of Yuki Ikehara starts. 三年前に事故で夫を亡くし、それ以降男に触れる機会もなく喪に服して来ましたが、これ以上性欲を抑えきれないと三回忌の節目にAVに出演を決意してくれた池元ゆいさん。ストッキングの上からクンニされ興奮しまくり、念願の男の肉棒に食らいついちゃいます。服を脱がされ直に愛撫されると長年抑え込んでいた性欲を発散させるかのように全身で男を感じるゆいさん。夫への思いを込めて激しく腰を振り続け、身体中に愛を感じた最後は中にたくさん出してもらってご満足の様子です。池元ゆいの第二の人生が始まります。