Yu-chan of natural shaved bread is thoroughly tampered with chestnuts! Yu-chan sits on a chair. However, the hand of a mysterious man who suddenly appeared opens Yu-chan's legs, turns over his jacket and thoroughly aims at the clitoris. Yu-chan, who is not allowed to resist, is left as it is. All you want to be handled up and down or rolled with thick fingers. Because it is Yu-chan of shaved bread, you can see how she is being tampered with clearly. It is a work to send to you of Cliffet.   天然パイパンのゆうちゃんが徹底的にクリを弄られる!椅子に座るゆうちゃん。しかし突然現れた謎の男の手が、ゆうちゃんの足をひらき上着をめくりクリトリスばかりを徹底的に狙ってくる。抵抗することも許されないゆうちゃんはされるがまま。上下に扱かれたり、太い指で転がされたりされたい放題。パイパンのゆうちゃんだからこそ、しっかりくっきりと弄られる様子が丸見え。クリフェチのあなたに送る作品です。