Rina who is relaxing in the living room. Rina who pours sake into her smartphone is very exciting. It is true that he is strong in alcohol. But gradually ... it started to rub an empty bottle that had been completely swallowed. In addition, the drinking spout is inserted as it is. Keep your smartphone in the middle of intense masturbation. What are you looking at? A little masturbation of a drinker of Nana-chan. It is a work that feels like a glimpse of normal Rina リビングでくつろぎきっているりなちゃん。スマホ片手にお酒を流し込むりなちゃんはとっても豪快。お酒に強いというのは本当らしい。しかしだんだん様子が・・・飲みきった空の瓶をおまんこに擦りつけ始めたのだ。さらにそのまま飲み口を挿入。激しいオナニーの最中でもスマホは離さず。一体何を見ているのだろうか。少しよってしまったりなちゃんの酒豪オナニー。普段のりなちゃんを垣間見られるような気がする作品です