Restriction tickling that must imagine to rest. A veiled lady tickles Sumire utilizing all her hands. Sumire-chan, who had overseen to persevere at to begin with, is harmed at once when her powerless portion is discharged, and her facial expression is misshaped. Be that as it may, the conceal lady is unwavering. Hold your mouth fair as in the event that you ought to imagine to rest, and play with it. Utilizing electric massagers and brushes, with sexual faults, I'm not beyond any doubt on the off chance that it's wonderful, but it's tickling.眠ったふりをしなくてはいけない拘束くすぐり。仮面の女があらゆる手を使ってすみれちゃんをくすぐる。最初はなんとか耐えていたすみれちゃんも弱いところがばれてしまうと一気にやられ、表情が歪んでしまう。しかしそれでも仮面の女は容赦ない。寝たふりをしなさいと言わんばかりに口を押さえ、淡々と弄り倒す。電マや筆を使い、性的責めも交え、快感なのかくすぐったいのかわからなくなってきてしまい・・・。