Kaori is working as a model at a photo session. A masked man appears when posing with a nice smile. The work continues without moving to the man who appeared suddenly. However, it is this man that it does not end only by appearing. She begins to play with kaori's body while she is seriously at work. I'm going to have a smile on my chest. It is a settlement which peels off even underwear sooner or later. The hand of the devil is in the lower body which became a round before long. I close and open the. Professional Kaori- san...撮影会でモデルのお仕事中のかおりさん。素敵な笑顔でキメキメポーズをしていると、仮面の男が登場。突然現れた男にも動じることなく、お仕事続行。しかしただ登場しただけでは終わらないのがこの男。真面目にお仕事中のかおりさんの体を弄り始める。足をさわさわ胸をもみもみ。そのうち下着まで剥ぐ始末。やがて丸出しになった下半身にに魔の手が。くぱくぱとおまんこを閉じたり開いたり。プロフェッショナルなかおりさんは・・・