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I found Aya, a girl who is calling by a certain plumber's cosplay near Shibuya's center town. Even though I had a cosplay without femininity, my face, twin tails, a little talkative way of speaking were cute and my groin grew as if I had taken a mushroom. He said he is earning money by using a cosplay cafe to get coins to go overseas. I invited them to get more coins and succeeded in taking us to the aerial stage we prepared. My clothes seem to be girls, more usually I think that they are wearing eyeglasses, cute love couple times more than at the time of cosplay. My crotch seemed to blow a fire even now. Aya hesitates even being underwear in front of the camera. You can not take it to the "back stage" where you can get a lot of coins as it is, stimulate the dick with toys, gently pry the pretty nipples with thinner pigment and boost. Ayami's omen ◯ is getting wet and wet, it is inserted into the chestnut bottle at any time and it becomes ☆ invincible state ☆ of okay. I also do not endure my crotch turtle, gradually upgrading from Zako to Rasubosu, "Princess is here here" Toyama ___ Press into the castle. Every time it pushes all the way back, a pant voice calling Aya 's pretty' pleasant ~! 'Replaces SE of 1UP. And finally the goal. Bukkake a large amount of sperm instead of fireworks. I'm not sure if it's a plumber or a princess, but I got pleasant and got a lot of coins and Aya who cleared the game quite satisfactorily. If you do not mind, come and join us again ☆


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