I was able to bring a pretty little girl to my house! Half-like! Not surprising though it is such a look! It is a comedian who is a comedian! It is a young man who can not sell yet, though! Because I can not get acquainted with the entertainer, for the time being I will talk about my own life with sake. In addition to partnering with the partner, she helped senior performers, part-time for living ... and it seems to be tough. It was decided to have me cooked, but if I put it out in the kitchen a bit, I could not stand it www went to the bed and wiped it off! Even though I am slurred, my breasts have plenty, the legs are long and the tension rises to a body like a model! ! He also sucks Cheongpo deliciously and pants himself with a pretty voice as he strikes Oma Oko, so she can take a good eye! !どちゃくそ可愛い女の子を家に連れ込むことができました!ハーフっぽい!こんな見た目なのに驚くことなかれ!お笑い芸人なのである!まだまだ売れない若手ですけどね!芸人さんと知り合えることもそうそう無いことなので、ひとまずお酒を片手に身の上話を。相方とのネタ合わせに、先輩芸人さんの手伝いに、生活のためにアルバイトもして…と大変そうです。料理を作ってもらうことになったのですが、台所でちょっかい出してたら我慢できなくなってしまったwwwベッドへ移動して脱がしちゃいます!スラっとしているのに胸はそこそこあるし、脚は長いしでモデルみたいな体型にテンション上がりまくり!!さらにチ○ポも美味しそうにしゃぶるし、オマ○コを突けば可愛い声で喘ぐしで、とってもイイ画が撮れてしまったぜ!!