Mr. Akimoto decided to meet again for a while from that day asking for stimulus. After seeing her for the first time in a long time, she gets to develop a more erotic pheromone, and just expanding her bare feet just by putting her in front of me ... ... Akimoto who was aware of the expanded dick is touched lovingly and gently and politely, to the peak of excitement! And you can get drunk by a piston from a backdrop of a furious woman on top with a beautiful white skin rubbing against it and a nice butch ...刺激を求めやってきたあの日からしばらくして再会することになった秋元さん。ひさしぶりに会った彼女はさらにエロいフェロモンを醸し出す様になり、彼女を目の前にするだけで僕のアソコは膨張してしまう…。膨張したアソコを察知した秋元さんは愛おしく優しく丁寧に触れ、興奮の絶頂へ!そして、白く美しい肌を擦りつけながらの激しい騎乗位と美尻が弾むほどのバックからのピストンに酔いしれる…。