Mr. Koizumi said he reunited with a man who was first love at a high school classmate at an alumni meeting and got married. However, it seems that the married life with the husband who met in a situation like a trendy drama was not a happy thing I was imagining ... / /. After marriage, the husband transformed into a maid owner, he says like a domestic woman, and is said to be stressed every day. It seems that this time I got disgusted every day and came to taste pleasure as a woman. Face, body, standing all are elegant and beautiful women!高校のクラスメイトで初恋だった男性と同窓会で再会し、結婚に至ったという小泉さん。しかし、トレンディドラマの様なシチュエーションで出会ったご主人との結婚生活は思い描いていた幸せなものでは無かったらしい…。結婚後、ご主人は亭主関白に変貌してしまい、家政婦の様に扱われストレスを溜める毎日だという。今回はそんな毎日に嫌気が差し、女としての悦びを味わうためにやって来たらしい。顔立ち、カラダ、立ち振舞すべてが上品で美しい女性です!