Very pretty Aoyama. Although I show a slightly uneasy expression to meet a man who only has one face at a time, forcibly to the hotel. While getting embarrassed when you receive a gentle caress, eventually leave your body to pant voice. Overflowing with tears during SEX. Is it because the body is being fucked by the conflict of flirtity guilt and satisfied pleasure ...? * Private exhibition until 4/20 - 4/26 23: 59とてもかわいらしい青山さん。一度しか顔を合せていない男に会うことに少々不安気な表情を見せるが、強引にホテルへ。優しい愛撫を受けると戸惑いつつも、やがて身を任せて喘ぎ声を洩らす。SEXの最中、涙を溢す。それは浮気の罪悪感と満たされている快感の葛藤に体を犯されているからなのか…。 ※4/20~4/26 23:59までの限定公開