Mr. Inamura who grew up receiving rigorous education from a father who runs a company. It seems that school, employment place, and even married partner have done as my father said. It seems that bondage was severe and there was not freedom, but there was something good for marriage. It is that you can live away from your parents .... Mr. Inamura who started living with his husband seems to have become open-minded with shopping, entertainment, and men playing which he has been patient with until now. This time, I felt guilty for my husband in order to know the taste of pleasure that I had never experienced before, but I was intensely entwined with a man until sexual desire was satisfied ....会社経営をする父から厳格な教育を受け育ってきたという稲村さん。学校も就職先も、そして結婚する相手さえ父の言う通りにしてきたらしい。束縛が厳しく自由も無かったそうだが、結婚して良いことがあったとか。それは親元を離れ暮らすことが出来る事…。ご主人と二人暮らしを始めた稲村さんは今まで我慢してきたショッピングや娯楽、そして男遊びと開放的になったらしい。今回は、今まで経験したことがない快楽の味を知るためにご主人に罪悪感を感じつつも性欲が満たされるまで濃厚に男に絡みついていました…。