Pretty little SEX Comment: Mr. Deriher who called to the hotel room happens to be rarely developed as a sister of a friend. Moreover, if you grew cute with erotic feeling ... There is nothing wrong ... but here it is not. Lady Deriher who came in to the place where preparation of a gift is also prepared. It is pretty pretty. People who seem to know somehow when looking at places where they think without change. . . . Ah. His sister and. . . "Ocha-chan?" It is the person who expects another person. Oh, awkward. If you asked to Mr. Ichiba that I told you "I should be home, are not you?" No, I would not go home. . . I already have cocks and I feel I have to obey the obed lower body. "You came here like being caught like this." Hi. It is being passed through. "I do not mind if it's OK with me." Is that so? "Tele, I guess this is no good ..." No, it's okay. "Do not keep it to your brother." Yeah. of course. Well then, enjoy the pretty little SEX of your (sweet) cute little sister, small unprocessed shameless buttless ass. コメント:ホテルの部屋に呼んだデリヘル嬢が偶然友達の妹なんて展開はめったに無いですよね。しかもイイ感じにエロ可愛く育ってたら何も問題・・・あるけど、ココは無いということで。おちんぽの用意も万端なところへ入ってきたデリヘル嬢。けっこう可愛い感じです。チェンジ無しで、と思ったところでよく見ると何となく知っているような人物。。。。あ。あいつの妹や。。。「なおちゃん?」別人を期待してみるも当人。あぁ、気まずい。察したなおちゃんに「私じゃアレですよね。帰ったほうが良い?」と訊かれれば、いや、帰らんでも。。。もうチンチン起ってるしと素直な下半身に従うしかない感じです。「こんなとこに来たって事はたまってたんでしょ。」ハイ。見透かされてます。「私でよければ全然。」そうですか。「テレますね。こんなのダメですよね・・・。」いや、いいでしょ。「お兄ちゃんには内緒にしてて。」うん。もちろん。それでは、(友人の)可愛い妹、ちっぱい天然未処理恥毛にまんまるお尻の可愛いなおちゃんとのSEXをお楽しみくださーい。