The sexual harassment office (SS office) is back! This time is a reverse sexual harassment office (GS office). GS-only OL sexually harasses male employees ♪ 180cm tall Shoko loves to prank Ji-Po. I squeeze semen all day regardless of whether it is a boss. However, the GS office suddenly closed and it was hard to transfer to the SS-only office worker! The men who have been bullied flock together to give back a huge female body!

セクハラ専用オフィス(SSオフィス)が帰って来た!今回はなんと逆セクハラ専用オフィス(GS オフィス)。GS専用OLが男性社員をセクハラしまくる♪180cmの長身翔子さんはチ○ポをイタズラするのが大好き。上司だろうが構わず一日中ザーメンを搾り取る。ところが突然GSオフィスが閉鎖、SS専用OLに転属を言い渡されたからさぁ大変!虐められてきた男達がお返しとばかりに群がりデカい女体をイカせまくる!