A dream circumstance in which she, who is more often than not wearing F Container Eloy dress, is enticed by wearing dress that emphasize her breasts. Since she wears Eloy uniform within the company, she can't stand it whereas she is holding her breasts so she can't stand it. When I got tanked and couldn't stand her charm who had rested in no bra dress, she all of a sudden woke up and said "I'll fill it up" to form me feel comfortable. I need her like this!普段からFカップのエロイ服を着ている自分の彼女が更に胸を強調するような服を着て誘惑してくる夢のシチュエーション。彼女が会社の中でエロイ制服を着ているのでバレない様に胸も揉んだりしているうちに我慢できずにパイズリで発射。酔ってノーブラ着衣のまま寝てしまった彼女の可愛さに我慢できずにイタズラすると突然起きて「私がいっぱいしてあげる」と胸を使い気持ちよくしてくれます。こんな彼女欲しい!!