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Mature woman, married woman, slender, simple piece, sleeping / sleeping, esthetics, digimo, sample animation Product code: juy 708 Yuri (Mochizukiru Beauty) who visited the esthet with the advice of an acquaintance. The body's hurry does not fit even after going home for exercise that exquisitely stimulates the occasional part .... When visiting again, the practitioner Okamoto blames her body with a massage similar to even a relentless caress. The lily that was loved by her husband but was sexless accepted his peck as a special massage by being pleasantly pleasant. Although it is a lily that excuse me as a mistake only once, whenever I can touch Okamoto, my body gets sensitive

熟女,人妻,スレンダー,単体作品,寝取り・寝取られ,エステ,デジモ,サンプル動画 品番: juy708 知人の勧めでエステに訪れた百合(もちづきる美)。際どい部分を絶妙に刺激する施術に帰宅後も身体の火照りが収まらず…。再び訪れると施術師・岡本はさらに執拗な愛撫にも似たマッサージで彼女の肉体を責め立てる。夫に愛されながらもセックスレスだった百合は快感に流されて彼の肉棒を特別なマッサージと言い聞かせ受け入れてしまう。一度だけの過ちと言い訳する百合だが、岡本に触れられる度、身体は敏感になっていき