Fujiwara couple who celebrated their 10th year of marriage came to a hot spring trip with husbands' measurements. In contrast to my husband's traveling for a long time, my husband was sorrowful. When I was talking about the cuisine that evening that night, I was losing consciousness just after I took a mouthful of alcohol. When you wake up you will be informed from Oshima, the director, that he was detained by a dark and cold prisoner and he was sold to the kettle of debt. The lean who was ordered to work as an anal slave from Oshima accepts that humiliation for her husband without fail.結婚10年目を迎えた吹石夫婦は、夫の計らいで温泉旅行へ来ていた。久々の旅行に嬉しそうなれなと対照的に夫はソワソワしていた。その夜会席料理に舌鼓を打っていた時、酒に口をつけた直後れなは意識を失ってしまい…。目を覚ますと暗く冷たい牢屋に拘束されていて自分が借金のカタに売り飛ばされたことを館長の大島から知らされる。大島からアナル奴隷として働くことを命じられたれなは夫の為にその屈辱を仕方なく受け入れ…。