“My girl goes forlorn when I go to my bride. I'm as of now looking forward to my grandchildren.” Our couple who went on a hot spring trip with their parents-in-law at the solid ask of his father-in-law. Be that as it may, in reality, my father-in-law who needed to see his grandson's confront organized a “child-making trip” and I was requested to remain a month. But that didn't go well, and the bride-making arrange was canceled with a word that the bride still needed to work. I spend a night when I can't rest since of my forbearance. I misplaced my want and subtly looked at my mother-in-law's washing figure.「娘が嫁に行って寂しいんだ。もう楽しみは孫くらいなんだよ。」お義父さんの強い要望で義両親と温泉旅行に行く事になった僕たち夫婦。しかし実際は、孫の顔が見たい義父が仕組んだ≪子作り旅行≫で、僕には一ヵ月の禁欲が命じられていた。しかしそう事は上手く運ばず、嫁はまだまだ働きたいとの一言で子作り計画は中止。禁欲のせいで悶々と眠れぬ夜を過ごす僕は、つい欲望に負けてお義母さんの入浴姿を密かに覗いてしまい…。