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Akimoto Reika, a professor is a music teacher. Petite and lovely face is very nice. Currently I have a boyfriend for about 3 years, but I'm afraid I'm on the rhetoric. It seems that I was intrigued by AV because I was interested in it before. It is a calm atmosphere, but it seems to be quite greedy for H and I want to have more sex ... more comfortable sex is in this world .... I always thought about such a thing. Boyfriend and mannerism may not bear the situation .... Ass that you talk about it being a complex by yourself. It is a very attractive shape with a type that protrudes slightly behind. A tight skirt embodies the obscure curvaceous beauty. And as sex begins to unfailingly stir up the body of the actor, it seems to be comfortable from the beginning all the time .... Her words that she loves sex was definitely authentic.


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