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It is embarrassing, but I am glad to hear that reputation is good. This time the shooting was the third time. I intended to get used to myself, but I was also nervous this time too. Is it because it is a different actor every time? I have no boyfriend as usual. There were various encounters, but after all I could not forget the etiquette with a professional person. So I was really looking forward to shooting today and I knew I was soon wetted by touching my body. I am thrilled and thrilled. I told myself to change my clothes to a bathing suit and told me massage, I remembered there was a genre of massage with a horny DVD. Perhaps I thought that it would be like that, but I always watched it because it's a hard SM work so I could not imagine how it feels. But I felt very comfortable, I felt a lot and showed a lot of embarrassing places. After all I think that I can not have a boyfriend for a while.