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Beautiful Girl Fuck Actually I ... it will be the third appearance this time. Is it possible to understand Suzumiya Oka? I am remembering that I was very comfortable for the first time because I was aggressively attacked by "Luxury TV 705" and I was very comfortable. The second time was "Luxe TV 741", unlike the first time, I attacked myself, I was excited and excited when I saw the person's feeling, I got the taste of excitement I have never felt before. I got to look forward very much, "I wonder what kind of sex can be done" because I got a message saying "We have sex different from last time both last time and ..." the third time today. Playing with oil for restraint play of the first experience ... I get wet just by thinking about it. Of course I would like to be pleased not only myself but also the other person .... I am hoping to give back my gratitude with my body, thank you for giving me the best pleasure.

実は私…今回で3回目の出演になります。涼宮逢香、と言えばわかるでしょうか?初めては『ラグジュTV 705』で激しく攻められ興奮し、とても心地良かったのを今でも覚えています。2回目は『ラグジュTV 741』で、1回目とは違い自分から攻め、相手の感じる姿を見て興奮し気持ちが高ぶり、今までに感じたことのない興奮を味あわせて頂きました。3回目の今日、『前回とも前々回とも違うセックスを…』という連絡を頂いたので、『どんなセックスができるんだろう』と、とても楽しみにしてきました。初体験の拘束プレイにオイルを使ったプレイ…考えるだけで濡れてきちゃいます。もちろん自分だけでなく相手の方にも悦んでもらいたい…。最高の快感を与えてくれた今までのお礼もかねて、精一杯私のカラダを使って恩返しができればと思っています。