Well known performing artist Miho Wakabayashi gets to be a lesbian esthetician. The client who came is Sumire. At to begin with, it is treated regularly, but it continuously gets to be a suspicious climate. Ms. Miho encompasses a extraordinary benefit and kneads to that put. Fortify the sensitive part of Mire-chan with the commonplace hand. You'll be able see the groin being treated at an point like a covered up camera. If you don't mind appreciate stylish work after a long time.大人気女優若林美保さんがレズエステティシャンに。やってきたお客様はすみれちゃん。最初は普通に施術を受けているが、だんだんと怪しい雰囲気に。そんなところまで触るんですか、とドキドキのすみれちゃんに美保さんは特別サービスとあんなところまでマッサージ。慣れた手つきですみれちゃんの敏感な部分を刺激していく。まるで隠しカメラのようなアングルで施術中の股間も丸見え。久し振りのエステ作品をお楽しみください。