Shizuku is a real drama first challenge! Shizuka brought up carefully as a boxed girl. But I will be stuck in the grand revenge scenario of Taisyo Tachiyo ... no one will help me even if I shout. Even though it escapes, that pain turns into a pleasure instead of being pleasant and it gets trained to deceased M. ... Bomb Tide Injection x Humiliation Incontinence! Elegance juice dripping last throws into filthy deeply! The moment when the daughter breaks down and falls! 雫が本格ドラマ初挑戦!箱入り娘として大切に育てられた静香。しかし執事田代の壮大な復讐のシナリオにはまってしまう…叫びもがいても誰も助けてくれない。逃げまどいながらもその痛みが快感にかわりドM令嬢へと調教されていく…爆潮噴射×屈辱失禁!えづき汁垂れ流しイラマチオに最後は懇願挿入!令嬢が壊れ墜ちていく瞬間!