Mommy who gave birth to a young person seems to have suddenly increased sensitivity after childbirth, sometimes getting lost due to worry! Looking for such Mama Nanpa! I will light a married woman's instinct! I've recorded plenty of young women who have not been absent from etch! 12 people appeared plenty of 3P recorded! It is 4 hours special.若くして子供を産んだママさんは、産後急激に感度があがってしまい、ヤリたくてしかたなくなってしまうことがあるらしい!そんなママさんを探してナンパ!人妻のヤリたい本能に火をつけます!エッチにご無沙汰だった若妻たちの実態をたっぷり収録しました!なんと3Pも収録のたっぷり12人出演!4時間スペシャルです。