Why do you're feeling or get damp with somebody you do not know? I think it was said that "it would be ideal if you drag it out" with a finger, or licking a dick and saying "no", but on the off chance that you put a cock and get kissed and put it all the way back, it's not great. It was a lie that “unplugged” and on the off chance that I taken note it all the time, it was cummed out, and it was totally cummed out (≧ ▽ ≦)知らない人となのになんで感じたり濡れたりしちゃうんだろ?指入れられて「抜いてください」とかアソコ舐められて「ダメ」とか言ってたと思うけど、、、生チンポ入れらてキスされちゃって奥まで入れられたらもうダメになっちゃった。「抜いて」なんて嘘で、ずっーとイキっぱなしで気づいたら中出しされちゃって、、、中出しで完全にイっちゃいました(≧▽≦)