Hus's married women who lived happily were caught in a frustrated heart and raped. The excitement that I have never experienced, even if I intend to resist with all my strength, damps the panty and gives the man more excitement. If they are accused of unequaled chi-po, they panting like screaming, and the husband reaches the unprecedented climax by crossing the brain.幸せに暮らしていたハズの人妻達は欲求不満な心の隙を突かれ、無理矢理犯されてしまう。全力で抵抗しているつもりでも、経験したことのない興奮がジトっとパンティを湿らせてしまい、男に更なる興奮を与える。絶倫チ〇ポで責められれば尚、彼女たちは叫ぶように喘ぎ、旦那が脳裏をよぎることで未体験の真絶頂を迎える。