Worried to her husband's sexless, to the young wife Ameri, Reika of the young wife who lives in the neighborhood brings lesbian sex. Ameri is immediately absorbed in pleasure for the first time. Kuchibiru, tongue, saliva, and love juice are intertwined, the whole body becomes a sexual feeling zone, it's, it's, Iki leave! Young wives who forget the time pass and seek each other's body.夫のセックスレスに悩む、若妻あめりに、近所に住む若妻のれいかはレズビアンセックスを持ちかける。初めて味わう快楽に、あめりはたちまち夢中になってしまう。クチビルと舌と唾液と愛液が絡み合い、全身が性感帯になって、イッテ、イッテ、イキっぱなし!時が経つのも忘れてお互いのカラダを求め合う若妻達。