A beautiful wife left behind her husband. The mourning figure is beautiful. My late husband's subordinates came to burn incense, but they were arbitrarily arrested during their survival, so they came to revenge them! A young wife who has no money to return has to return with her body. If you look closely, you're not only beautiful, but irresistibly erotic. To play a grudge with three people. In front of the photo of her deceased husband, a beautiful married woman who takes off her mourning clothes and turns her into a toy and resists itself, but leaves herself in pleasure. After having plenty of fun, the last three cum shots!   夫に先立たれ、残された美人妻。喪服姿が美しいですねぇ。亡夫の部下たちが焼香をあげにきたけど、なんと生存中は好き勝手にやられてたからその仕返しに来たんだと!返すお金がない若妻は体で返すしかない。よく見たら、美人なだけじゃなくたまらなくエロい体をしてる。三人がかりで恨みを果たしてやることに。亡き夫の写真の前で、喪服を脱がされおもちゃにされて抵抗するも、快楽に身を任していく美人妻。たっぷり楽しませてもらった後、最後は中出し三連発!